How to find a good painting contractor

Let me offer you some guidance on what you should be looking for when hiring a painting contractor.  You should be looking for an experienced contractor that has learned from his mistakes.

There are three things to look for:

  1. First is the level of expertise. Does he know how to do the job professionally?
  2. Secondly, is he telling me the truth or is he more interested in money than doing a good job?
  3. Third, and this is where your instincts come in, Do I feel safe with him, do I like him?

At Mike’s Home Improvement, we have over 30 years of experience specializing in residential & commercial remodeling, specializing in interior & painting and hardwood & tile flooring.

Our online reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

We run the company on principles. These are old school principals most of us learned in kindergarten and they are; telling the truth to people. Being fair in all situations. Going the extra mile and putting the needs of other people first. Really, just simple kindness and friendliness.

We believe that as you peruse our website you’ll come away with the conclusion that we are honest, fair and use those guiding principles.  Actually our primary goal is not to make money. It’s actually a secondary goal. We found that if you focus on the principles the money just seems to follow.

We are a family run business and I’ve put my name on it.

We are specialists in painting and flooring. The estimates that we give our more of an inspection than a quick painting quote.  We are looking for three things while we give an estimate. One, is to solve the existing problems.  Secondly, to correct future problems and thirdly to identify all the carpentry issues.

What is the very best paint to use for painting a house?

We use almost exclusively the top-of-the-line paints by Sherwin-Williams.  As far as materials it is important to use the very best paint, the very best primer, and the very best caulk. You don’t want to have a weak link in the chain.  We feel that you can feel good about using us and recommending us to your friends knowing that they will be very safe in our care.