Do I need mildewcide in my paint?

Why should I add mildewcide to my exterior paint?

Yes, there is a mildewcide that is exceptional and gives years of resistance to mildew.

There is a vast difference in mildewcides as far as their effectiveness.

Quality paint comes from the factory with 1% mildewcide.  That is helpful and usually gets 4 years or so before you start to see mildew buildup on your home

In government testing of mildewcides based on a good, fair, poor, rating there is only one mildewcide that received a good rating.  MX3 made by the M1 Company is the best out there.  It is the only one that scored a good rating.  All the rest scored fair or poor.  This product is also environmentally friendly.

We add MX3 to every gallon of exterior paint we use and see most of all our clients’ home mildew free or only a very light build up after eight years.

The advantage of using this mildewcide for the homeowner is it is unlikely that they will have to pressure wash the house between paintings.  This, of course, saves the cost of pressure washing the house.

How can I recycle or get rid of old paint?

There are two fairly easy ways to dispose of old paint cans.  It’s not too difficult but takes a few minutes to do.

1.  If your city does not have a day they set aside for disposal of paint products then there is a good solution and you don’t have to wait for the yearly date.

If you will open the can, usually it’s a partial gallon of paint, add kitty litter and stir the kitty litter into the paint, leave the top off, and let it dry.  Don’t skimp on the amount of kitty litter because the paint must be dry solid.  Replace the lid and set out for your garbage.  In most cities this is a legal and appropriate way to dispose of old paint.


2.  The second method is to spread out newspapers on your pine straw areas and pour the paint out on the newspaper and let it dry.  When it’s finished drying, simply roll up the newspaper and put out for your garbage man.

Always remember to reuse if possible.  If the paint is still good, do not dispose of it, it can be used as touchup paint.

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