Get Hardwood Floors Marietta

A great way to bring fresh life into your home is with new or refinished hardwood floors Marietta. When you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable flooring contractor, Mike’s Painting and Flooring is the company you can trust. As a family run, locally-owned hometown company, you’ll get service and experience you can depend on. For hardwood flooring installation, our experts will help you select the best materials and options to match your goals for the job. In addition, our crews are capable of handling all types of hardwood flooring services, so for smaller budgets, remember that we can always consider sanding and refinishing your existing flooring. Whatever the case may be, Mike’s is the solution to problems with unresponsive, unreliable contractors. Our warranty is a real warranty, our prices will not change after the estimate, and our crews will always take pride in quality craftsmanship and a job well done. Read on to learn more about why you should call us for your hardwood floors Marietta!

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Why Mike’s For Your Hardwood Floors Marietta?

As we’ve discussed above, Mike’s is your local, trusted source for a reliable contractor that won’t cut corners or try to add hidden costs to the job. Besides a focus on quality work and open, honest service, why choose us for your hardwood floors Marietta? Simply put, we are experts in both hardwood floor installation and hardwood refinishing. Our friendly craftsmen are knowledgeable in custom flooring design such as inlays, accents, medallions, and exotic woods. We only select the highest quality materials in a wide range of colors and styles. For jobs big or small, you’ll have options to fit your budget. For refinishing dull, faded, scratched floors, our licensed and insured pros will guide you through your options for restoration, partial replacement, stain colors, and more. We’ll use dustless sanding techniques to keep your home clean, and employ top-grade sealants such as Duraseal and eco-friendly finishes to protect your family and the planet! Call now and find out about our latest special, a $250 discount on hardwood flooring installs. Let Mike’s Painting and Flooring help with your hardwood floors Marietta.

Your Experts For Exterior Painting Atlanta

If you’ve been putting off some much needed home improvement projects, now is a great time to schedule your exterior painting Atlanta. When it comes to top quality, expert contractors, nobody beats Mike’s Painting and Flooring. Based in Marietta for over 20 years, we’re the painting pros you can depend on to get the job done right anywhere in metro Atlanta. Exterior painting is especially important for a number of reasons. A proper coat of paint helps protect your home from elements such as sun, wind, and rain. Besides protecting your investment, a fresh exterior paint job can really add value to your home if you’re considering selling, and even if you’re not, it sure is nice to come home to a nice shiny new look. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable ways to greatly increase sales value and the overall appearance of any home. So with that in mind, the key is hiring a reliable painting contractor you can trust to do the job right, and also not cut any corners so you’ll get long-term value from your investment. That’s why the company to call is Mike’s Painting and Flooring when you need exterior painting Atlanta.

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Call Mike’s For Exterior Painting Atlanta

If you’ve ever dealt with an unreliable contractor, you know how frustrating it can be to get work completed in a timely manner, or even worse, end up with an inflated bill when it’s all said and done. With Mike’s, you’ll avoid all of that hassle, and you’ll end up with a superior quality result when you need exterior painting Atlanta. Our crews take great pride in the work we do, and their extensive knowledge in a variety of painting techniques means you’ll always get the look you want. Beyond a solid work ethic, we also strive to always be available and courteous, and will always be punctual and leave the worksite clean. No matter the size of your residential painting job, we’re happy to offer a free consultation with a firm quote you can depend on not to change once the job has begun. At Mike’s Painting and Flooring, we always use the top quality products from companies such as Valspar and Sherwin Williams. These quality materials, coupled with our proper sanding, prep, and painting techniques, will guarantee a durable, lasting result. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn about our current specials on exterior painting Atlanta!

Call Mike’s For House Painting Atlanta

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for your house painting Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place here at Mike’s Painting and Flooring. Based in Marietta and serving the greater Atlanta area for over 20 years, we’ve got the expert crews to handle any painting job large or small. From small touchups or changing colors in a few rooms, all the way to a complete color overhaul inside and out, we’re ready to help. With quality service and pride in our workmanship as our trademark, you’ll get the lasting results and value you’re paying for with Mike’s Painting and Flooring. Don’t trust just any fly-by-night crew with your house painting Atlanta. Work with seasoned professionals who won’t cut any corners, and always use the best quality materials, such as paints from Valspar and Sherwin Williams.

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Why Trust Us With Your House Painting Atlanta?

You’ve got lots of options for hiring a contractor for house painting Atlanta, so why trust Mike’s? First of all, we’ve got the commitment to quality and attention to detail that really shows once the job is done. Our top notch crews are punctual, attentive to your goals for the project, and always concerned with quality over speed. We do all the little things, from surface prep and priming, to selecting only the finest in paint supplies, to applying many advanced techniques that will guarantee a superior result. Besides our work ethic and focus on quality, our crews are licensed, insured, and properly trained to handle interior and exterior painting jobs of all sizes. Also, when it comes to getting a fair quote without hidden costs, you can depend on our professional estimators to give you an accurate price the first time out. Just remember, for your house painting Atlanta, Mike’s Painting and Flooring is the contractor you can trust. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help make your interior and exterior paint dreams a reality.

Your Hometown Painting Contractor Marietta

Are you looking for a reliable painting contractor Marietta? Tired of working with contractors and crews that don’t hold up their end of the bargain? You’ve found the solution to your troubles here at Mike’s Painting and Flooring. We’re your hometown home improvement experts, with over 20 years of experience providing quality service to our satisfied clients in Marietta and the greater Atlanta area. Whether you’ve got small touchups, are looking to change you color scheme in a few rooms, or need a full exterior paintjob, let Mike’s be your painting contractor Marietta. Our painting professionals take pride in a job well done, and use only the best quality materials from companies such as Valspar and Sherwin Williams to ensure that you’re getting a lasting, beautiful result. When it comes to pricing, we will give you an honest estimate and stick to our price once the job has begun. You might find some fly-by-night crews out there willing to work for less, but remember, with Mike’s you’re getting attention to detail, quality materials, and skilled professionals whose primary focus is achieving superior results. Don’t settle for less! Read more to learn about Mike’s Painting and Flooring and our commitment to excellence.

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Hire A Quality Painting Contractor Marietta!

How can you be sure you’re dealing with an honest painting contractor Marietta? It can be difficult to know, but let Mike’s and our professionals put you at ease and earn your trust. Start by scheduling a consultation and get a free estimate from one of our knowledgeable estimators. If you’re not sure the way to go with color and products for your interior and exterior painting jobs, let us guide you through the whole process from selecting colors through the final touch up on a beautifully completed job. We’ll give you a quote that won’t change once you agree to proceed with the project. Our crews will always be prompt, courteous and available to answer your questions and concerns. Beyond great service, we strive to do the best work possible without cutting corners. From the first sanding and prep, through touch ups, all the way to leaving a cleaner worksite than we first encounter, you’ll be impressed with the way our crews handle the job, and you’ll have the results to show for it. Put your faith in Mike’s when you need a painting contractor Marietta. Call today to hear about our current specials, and let’s get to work!

Need Hardwood Flooring Marietta?

For a professional job done the right way, Mike’s Painting and Flooring is the clear choice for hardwood flooring Marietta. We’ve been the hometown contractor you can trust for over 20 years, for all types of home improvement work ranging from residential painting, to commercial pressure washing, to gutter and downspout service. When it comes to hardwood flooring installation, we’ve got experts you can depend on to select the best materials and get the job done on time. Our crews are trained to handle all types of hardwood flooring services, so if you’re trying to manage the budget, consider sanding and refinishing existing hardwood floors as an option. If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable, unresponsive contractors, we want to be the company you can depend on for hardwood flooring Marietta. Our warranty is a real warranty, and our professional crews take pride in their craftsmanship and your satisfaction. Read on to learn more about our hardwood flooring services, and get ready to call Mike’s Painting and Flooring today!

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Call Us For Hardwood Flooring Marietta

We’ve already talked about our focus on workmanship quality and dependable service, but let’s also focus on the bottom line when it comes to your hardwood flooring Marietta. You might find some fly-by-night contractor who will work for less, but with Mike’s, you get licensed and insured pros who won’t cut any corners during the job. Furthermore, consider the money spent on hardwood flooring services as an investment. Looking to sell your home soon? Hardwood flooring installation increases resale value, and hardwood floor refinishing can really bring dull floors back to life. Add that extra wow factor that will have potential buyers whispering about making an offer immediately. And don’t stop there if you really want something unique. Let Mike’s help with custom flooring design such as borders, inlays, medallions, and exotic woods. We use only the highest quality materials for both aesthetic pleasure and practical durability. No matter what color or style you’re after, our team will help match your desire to the right products, and we’ll be responsive to your budgeting goals too! From initial estimate to glorious completion, you’ll find Mike’s Painting and Flooring is a great partner and the only company you need for hardwood flooring Marietta! Call now to hear about our latest special, a $250 discount on hardwood flooring installs, and schedule your consultation today!

Marietta Home Remodeling Pros

Tired of getting lackluster results from contractors? Looking for help with your Marietta home remodeling project? You’ve come to the right place for great, quality service and a reliable Marietta home remodeling contractor. Welcome to Mike’s Painting & Flooring. We specialize in providing straight forward, professional home remodeling service done right the first time. With expertise in a wide range of services from interior and exterior painting to flooring to cabinetry, you will find the pros with the skills to bring your project to completion here at Mike’s. No matter the size of your metro Atlanta or Marietta home remodeling project, our crews will treat you to the same level of courtesy and responsive service. When you reach out to Mike’s, you’ll speak to a knowledgeable contracting pro, who will schedule your free estimate. That’s right, we’ll come have a look and provide a quote free of charge for any of the many services we can offer. Plus, with Mike’s Painting & Flooring, you’re getting a locally owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience in the Atlanta area. As members of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, you can trust that our team of experts will get the job done right. Read on to learn more about our services, and get excited about your Marietta home remodeling project!

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For Marietta Home Remodeling, Trust Mike’s

After you’ve inquired and received a free estimate, you’ll start to understand why Mike’s has the Marietta home remodeling pros you can count on. We can work with any size project, and will focus on meeting and exceeding your expectations from the very beginning. At Mike’s, we take great pride in our workmanship and quality, which means we never cut corners when it comes to materials and getting the job done right. You might find some cheaper contractors out there, but you don’t want to trust something this important to a fly-by-night crew, right? Better to go with our licensed, bonded, and insured crews, bringing our work ethic and experience along to each project. We have expertise in painting services, hardwood and tile flooring, gutters and downspouts, cabinetry, and pressure washing. With a broad ranging knowledge of general carpentry and sheetrock repair, we also bring an artistic yet practical vision to each job. That means you’ll get the best combination of quality work while still sticking to your budget. From siding repair, to exterior decking, to interior rails and trim, you’ll see flawless results and expert installation.

Call Now For Marietta Home Remodeling

Mike’s Painting and Flooring has the ideal combination of professional experience, dependable and prompt crews, and an eye for quality work. When you’re considering your next Marietta home remodeling project, go with the hometown team who can back up our promises with results. Call Mike’s to learn about our current specials, and schedule your free estimate now. Prepare to be wowed by our service and attention to detail, and get that Marietta home remodeling done right!

Let Us Help With Exterior Painting Marietta

Right now it’s hot outside, but not too hot to schedule your exterior painting Marietta. And who better to trust with the job than your very own hometown team at Mike’s Painting and Flooring. We’re the experienced, reliable painting contractors you’ve been looking for. The exterior appearance of a home can greatly affect its value on the market, and certainly has an impact on the way you feel when you pull in the driveway every day. Have you been putting off exterior painting Marietta? Had a bad experience working with other painters and wondering who you could hire to get quality work done? We understand your frustration, and can assure you that at Mike’s, pride in our workmanship and quality are of the utmost importance. It’s an attitude that is reflected across our entire line of services, from tile flooring to pressure washing, to painting both interior and exterior surfaces. You might find other competitors willing to work for less, but when it comes to getting the job done right and achieving lasting results, it’s much more important to go with experience and a proven track record. Our crews can handle any sized project of exterior painting Marietta, whether a small ranch house or multi-story dwelling. The bottom line is that we’ve got over 20 years of hard earned experience in exterior painting Marietta, and you can count on Mike’s to give your house the treatment it deserves. Read on to learn a few things about why we should be your painting contractor Marietta.

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Trust Us For Exterior Painting Marietta


What sets our service apart? Start with the value our crews place on your time. We pledge to be on-time, polite, and stick to our quoted price for any project you’ve entrusted to us. Once on the job, you’ll see that our expert painters have advanced skills in a wide variety of finishing techniques, and also that we’re very cautious to leave a clean work site once the job is done. While good work ethic and integrity are key, so too is the choice of materials. Mike’s only uses the highest quality products from companies such as Valspar and Sherwin Williams for your exterior painting Marietta. That way, we can guarantee that our hard work will also be long-lasting and save you money on future repairs. Don’t forget, a well maintained exterior also adds value to your home.  Lastly, beyond quality paints and dedicated, professional crews, you can rest easy knowing that we’re fully licensed and insured, and won’t deviate from our quoted price for any project. Speaking of price, call to schedule a consultation and hear all about our current specials on exterior painting Marietta! Don’t wait any longer, call Mike’s today!

Why is there such a wide range of cost with my painting estimates?

It may be that the higher cost is a much better value because the painting contractor is very thorough and attends to a lot of details that the other contractors miss or ignore.

Obviously using high end materials can cost $20-$40 more per gallon and is worth it because of the longevity that they are forward.  He may be using caulk which is the best on the market and cost $11 per tube.  And caulking, being such a critical function is well worth the cost as it helps prevent rotting wood.  There are some specialty materials he may be using such as special metal roof paints that last twice as long as a regular house paint.  He may be using an $80 per gallon oil base metal paint for the iron porch railings.  Marine varnish is up to $100 per gallon for the highest quality.  There are also special acrylics that are purchased to use on coach lamps and chimney caps.  He might have higher skilled men that are paid better.  All these things amount to great longevity.

He may be doing other things such as and washing all the exterior window, cleaning gutters, caulking the coach lamps at the brick or siding and may be just very detailed knowing that these are trouble spots and need attention.

The high estimate is often times because they have paid very thorough attention to the details of the carpentry that is required to replacwe all the rotten wood.  A visual inspection of the carpentry will miss a lot of areas of rot.  He knows that if these are not attended to the homeowner will be replacing rotten wood and painting again the next year.  It requires a physical inspection.

All these things contribute to a comparatively higher estimate but is well worth the money to make sure the house painting has great longevity and potential problem areas are attended to.

Does the painting contractor you are considering offer everything we do?

We are more than just a painting contractor.  Mike’s Home Improvement of Marietta has grown to serve North Atlanta’s finest homes in more than just painting & flooring.

We also offer rotten wood replacement, carpentry, interior and exterior house painting, pressure washing, deck staining, deck refinishing, gutters and down spouts, stucco repair, siding installation, re-staining of front doors, sheet rock repair, and wallpaper removal…

As far as interior painting we have specialized painters that do interior painting.  We use Sherwin-Williams highest quality paints. Duration, Emerald, Cashmere, Super Paint, Deckscapes, and Loxon XP Elastomeric for stucco. All of their top-of-the-line products.

As far as carpentry, we replace all rotten wood siding with permanent products like Hardie siding and Hardie trim. These materials are impervious to rot.

We take pride in providing a professional painting experience from the time you call our office for an estimate to the finished job.  Mike provides detailed estimates which are left with you the same day.

Our focus is residential painting. We have found that we connect best with quality oriented clients.  You can count on us using the highest quality of materials on your project. Our commitment to you is to provide you a very thorough and detailed estimate that results in a finished product that is done correctly.  We use only the highest quality Sherwin-Williams products, providing you with peace of mind service.

At Mike’s Home Improvement we stress fairness and honesty with our clients.  We are fully insured for your safety. Workers compensation and general liability with friendly & helpful office staff to assist you.  We are always available to answer your questions.

We Can Handle All Your Home Improvement Needs

If you’re in the Marietta or the Atlanta metro area and in need of reliable, honest home improvement experts, you need not look any further than your friends at Mike’s Painting & Flooring. With years of experience and expertise backing up our reputation, you can trust that our crews will get the job done on time, and most importantly, the right way. We don’t cut corners on any aspect of your home improvement projects. Whether you’re contacting us for interior or exterior painting, hardwood or tile flooring, pressure washing, or some of our many other services, we always take pride in our workmanship. From small painting touch ups to full-fledged home remodeling, our trained professionals can make your home improvement dreams a reality. Beyond painting and flooring, we also offer carpentry and sheetrock expertise, including siding repair and replacement, exterior deck work, interior railings and trim, and more. Gutters and downspouts, cabinetry, we do it all! Regardless of the job, we’ll always use top quality materials to get you the superior result you deserve.

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Home Improvement From Your Hometown Company

When it comes to home improvement in Marietta, why not trust a hometown crew to get the job done right. From the first call asking for a consultation and free estimate, throughout the entire project, you’ll be pleased with our attention to detail and top tier customer service. Our home improvement professionals are prompt, courteous, and focused on your satisfaction. We’re based right here in Marietta, GA, and proud to be your hometown home improvement pros. But Mike’s Painting & Flooring is more than just home improvement, and can also handle commercial projects as well, so keep us in mind for your office or commercial properties. With the perfect combination of quality, experience, and reliability, how can you go wrong with Mike’s, the contractor you can trust!

Call Us Today For Home Improvement Help

Mike’s Painting and Flooring is ready to assist you today with your home improvement project. Don’t put that home remodeling off any longer. Our crews are licensed, bonded and fully insured, and our price won’t change after the project is completed. We’ll be punctual and strive to meet the completion date set for your home improvement project without sacrificing quality. So feel good about supporting a locally owned, independent contractor, and most of all, feel good about how great your home looks inside and out. Call Mike’s Painting & Flooring for all of your home improvement needs today, and hear all about our current specials too!