Have It Easy With Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Let’s admit it. Installing hardwood flooring is quite a task and not many do it yourselfers succeed perfectly during their first try. True, installing hardwood flooring is a skill, but it can be less of a chore and a headache if you go with pre-finished hardwood flooring in the first place.

Prefinished means it has already been coated and sealed with translucent film which serves as its protection from daily wear. What finishings can do is shield your hardwood floor from spills and scratches, and make it easier for you to wipe or mop clean.

If you’re thinking of installing hardwood flooring yourself, you can enjoy the greatest ease and convenience with pre-finished planks. With pre-finished hardwood floors, the task of nailing the flooring to your subfloor ends after the drilling is done.

If you purchased pure hardwood oak or maple (or whatever is available), you will have to apply finishings, sand it down and put on wax and polishers after. The amount of time to perform the task of installing a hardwood floor is halved if prefinished wood is used.

Pre-finished floors also have a better finish than most independently finished floors. Because the application is uniform and the volumes of coating controlled and predetermined, you are sure that every prefinished hardwood floor plank is of the best quality. Normally, prefinished floors are thrice sanded and coated with aluminum oxide finish eight times. They are also likely to have been tested for various normal wear situations and made more resilient.

Pre-finished flooring is a little more expensive than pure hardwood planks. However, when you do the math on everything that has to be done to make the basic form shine to your liking, you’ll actually eventually spend a lot more with the latter, not to mention the heavy labor that you need to put into it.

Sure, you can argue that you can always hire professionals to do the job for you, but if cost is an issue, then you’ll be thanking the high heavens that somebody had enough foresight to come up with prefinished hardwood flooring. Be a wise and practical consumer. Sanding and finishing entire floorings is a thing of the past. Now that pre-finished floors are available, you should spare yourself from the hassle.

Does My Hardwood Floor Finish Need Reapplying?

It’s only been a few years and you see that your hardwood floor looks seemingly old. What happened? How can you make it look like new again? Before you take any step further, you should first see the condition your hardwood flooring is in. Check if any special cleaning is necessary or if serious repairs need to be done.

When evaluating the condition of your hardwood floor, observe the finish. Is it just soiled or has it already thinned out? Study your floor to see if the finishing has been scraped, dulled, or chipped.

You can find out if your finish is worn by spilling a small amount of water at a high-traffic area. If the water beads at the top, then you have nothing to worry about — the finish is still intact and sealed. But if the water seeps in and darkens the spot where it landed then you might need to redo the finishing for that particular area. If the test bears the same result for other parts of the house, then those probably need replacing, too.

Next, see if the wood is still in good condition. If the finish has shown signs of wear, it is likely that the wood has been damaged, too. If you find that the wood has started to decay, then you definitely need to replace the boards.

If it’s a situation that still can be salvaged, it would be best to just call in professionals, as a do-it-yourself endeavor, especially if you’re not that experienced, to avoid causing further damage.

You can try to temporarily resolve the damage by putting wax on the affected area. Take note of the word ‘temporary’ because wax is by no means a solution to woodwork problems. It simply acts as a coverup or maintenance coat until you can come up with the funds to put in replacements.

It does not take rocket science to know if your hardwood floor’s finish needs to be redone. But, while this is easy to determine, the fact that refinishing jobs are costly might put you off. But if you want to restore your hardwood floor’s beauty, then you should set a budget for repairs aside. Otherwise, your initial investment on your flooring will go to waste.